Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Folding Pocket Knife

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The Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Folding Pocket Knife is a classic and practical pocket knife known for its simple design and functionality. Here are some key features of the Imperial Schrade Sodbuster:

  1. Blade: The knife features a single, straight-edge blade made of stainless steel. The blade is designed for everyday cutting tasks.

  2. Handle: The handle is made from durable synthetic materials. It has a basic, ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip during use.

  3. Folding Mechanism: As a folding pocket knife, the Sodbuster allows the blade to be folded into the handle when not in use. This design makes it convenient for carrying in your pocket.

  4. Versatility: The Sodbuster design is versatile and suitable for various everyday cutting tasks. It is a reliable tool for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality.