Gerber 0469 Dime Micro Multi-Tool

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The Gerber 0469 Dime Micro Multi-Tool is a compact and versatile multi-tool produced by Gerber Gear, a well-known brand in the outdoor and tactical gear industry. Here are some key features of the Gerber 0469 Dime:

  1. Compact Size: The Dime is designed to be a compact and pocket-sized multi-tool, making it convenient for everyday carry.

  2. Multiple Tools: Despite its small size, the Dime incorporates various tools, including pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, medium flathead driver, crosshead driver, bottle opener, tweezers, and file.

  3. Sturdy Construction: The multi-tool is constructed with durable materials to withstand regular use and provide reliability.

  4. Keychain Attachment: The Dime comes with a keychain attachment, allowing users to carry it conveniently as part of their keychain or attach it to a belt loop.

  5. Butterfly Opening Design: The multi-tool features a butterfly opening design, making it easy to access and use the individual tools.

  6. Versatile Everyday Use: The Dime is suitable for a variety of everyday tasks, making it a handy tool for outdoor activities, DIY projects, and more.